Welcome to the BEAVERTON FOOTBALL Program.  Beaverton Football has a rich history of success, but this history doesn’t just come from our on the field efforts, rather the efforts we make everywhere and everyday.  When our players sign up to wear the Orange & Black, they sign up for more than just just a football team, they sign up for a commitment to excellence. One that should not be taken lightly.

What do we mean by a commitment?  We stress a commitment to yourself, your teammates and the program.  This commitment stresses the self discipline principles required to successful in any activity our players choose from football, to school, to career to relationships.

The skills or intangibles that we believe make a person a success in life are displayed in our R.O.L.E.S. mantra.  In almost everything you do in life you will find yourself on a team.  This team could be as small as a team of 2, as in a relationship, or to multiple people found in a business.  Just as every player on a team must find their role on the team that helps everyone move forward, we must find our R.O.L.E.S. in every relationship and endeavor we choose to participate in.

To help remind our players of this mantra, we ask that every player wear a R.O.L.E.S. band in hopes that they will think about what each letter means whenever they are in a position to make a decision.  We also hope that this mantra works in association with what is being said at home.  Remember it takes a village to raise the child.

Can the idea of R.O.L.E.S. be a way of life and useful in everything you do?  I think it can and it should!  Lets take a look at what the word actually means to us as a program.

R = Respect is for both yourself and for others.  When we do things that contradict the idea of treating our self with respect such as cheating, drugs, lying or not doing our best, it makes it harder to treat others with respect.  It all starts with how you treat yourself, how you feel about YOU.  When we treat ourselves with respect we feel better, more motivated and ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

O = Ownership means taking responsibility for all your thoughts, comments and actions.  This one is hard for many as we often feel as though I didn’t have a choice or it’s not my fault something happened.  Many times if we look deep enough, yes we did have apart in the outcome of an event.  But in Football, school or life in general  the outcome is dependant 10% on the actual event and 90% on how we handle it.  We have a choice in everything that happens.  Choose wisely and take ownership over it.

L = This one has two parts to it.  First there is Leadership or the ability to influence others for good or bad.  We all have this ability.  For some it manifests itself in a verbal way, others more so in their actions.  But we can all be leaders.  No matter who you are, someone will follow you.  It may be a friend, a young sibling or someone you don’t even know who saw you do something.  The second part is Followership or choosing the right person to follow and to emulate.  For those who don’t see themselves as a leader, they often will follow a perceived leader.  In this way by following a leader it encourages others to do the same and in this way yes you have become a leader.  For many the ability to follow the positive leader is easier than leading yourself.

E = Effort is simply that.  The ability to do your best in what ever you choose to do,is in your control and only yours.  So many people in all aspects of life choose not to make a solid continuous effort.  It can be very hard especially when things are not going right.  But that is when we need to bare down and fight though it.  We can never allow ourselves to make a subpar effort.  This is the surest path to failure and a lack of physical, mental or emotional growth.

S = Strength is the final ideal, but not the physical bench press type of strength usually associated with football.  We are talking about inner strength, or the ability to do what is right when it’s the right time to do it.  This is tough thing to do as sometimes it means going against the grain or what your friends want you to do.  To cheat on a test or not to; to try drugs/alcohol or not to or to make fun of someone or not to are daily desicions we must make.  Many times it takes great inner strength to do the “right” thing.  Being around others who are trying to “do the right thing” as well, makes it easier to do this.

By staying with those same others we create followership, which makes it easier to claim ownership over what you are doing, in turn allowing us to make great effort in treating yourself and others with respect.  R.O.L.E.S. could and really should just be a way of life!